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Special Tours Salzburg

Salzwelten Salzburg Exclusive Special Tours

Would the members of your group prefer to be among themselves? Then why not reserve an exclusive guided tour solely for your group? Extra modules, such as the miner's welcome or the souvenir photo are particulary popular. We would also gladly organize a guided tour in the Celtic village.

special guided tour „Salzburg Exclusive“  
Highlights: € 50,00 / person
(max. 60 people)

Flat rate
€ 350,00 


Make advance reservations for your group with the help of our Salt Mine Team here in Salzburg, and never waste a precious second of time! A great way to get your group outing off to an absolutely relaxed start. Just the way it's supposed to be.  

Salzwelten Destination Guide & Audio Guide

Hier können Sie sich Ihren Audioguide für die Salzwelten herunterladen. Es sind die Standorte Hallein, Hallstatt und Altaussee auf dieser App zusammengefasst.

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